Video’s of the Tsunami in Japan

These are amazing and frightening videos shot by survivors of the quake and tsunami in Japan.
This is a list of as many as I could find worth watching
They really make you appreciate the power and incredible force that mother nature brings when she decides that she is cutting loose.  I mean if you weren’t out of this things way then you were through.  Just incredible.  I am not making light of these poor peoples situation I am simply in awe of natures power and I think the watching these gives me an appreciation for what those poor people are going through, although it is impossible to fully understand and appreciate without having survived it.

Look at the people standing down below where this is being filmed standing right next to the edge of the tsunami when it stops moving inland

Check out the people on the bridge just watching

This is hard to watch

This one is totally amazing also, the way it just crushes whatever is in front of it

And a couple more that show the power and speed with which it destroys


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